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So here’s a map of anti-semitic attacks that have happened worldwide this year. It’s pretty cool, bc you can click on a little balloon and it will tell you what the instance of anti-semitism was, like “Jew stabbed in Tunisia”, or “Nazi-themed cafe in Indonesia reopens” which is interesting because “reopens”. Like, this isn’t even the first time that cafe has been open! And then you can zoom in, like, a lot of terrible shit’s been happening to Jews in France, so you can zoom towards Paris and see things like “Teens and grandfather chased by hatchet-wielding assailant” or “Jewish girl assaulted for wearing Star of David”.

And of course, they also keep a day-to-day list of anti-semitic actions worldwide.

So if you think that anti-semitism is something that doesn’t happen in your area, or it’s something that’s just been happening in select places since the attacks on Gaze two weeks ago, then you really should educate yourself. Take a little time to scroll through the list of attacks, and take note of the dates. The website only goes back to 2011, but this has been happening to Jews for literally thousands of years.



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Hamas murders 25 Palestinians, blames Israel


Well there you go, the peaceful organization known as Hamas executed its own people for potentially sympathizing with Israel or even maybe saying “Hey, maybe Hamas is the problem….” 

The so-called collaborators were accused of leading Israeli troops to smuggling tunnels and providing intelligence on Hamas’ infrastructure inside Gazan cities.

So basically these guys were executed for trying to protect their own people from Hamas….

This is why we desperately need extensive history lessons in school. People just don’t know enough, they are completely ignorant. 

Anonymous: "That's 1 woman with an extremely high position in your Government. And I can show you thousands of Isreali's yelling death to all Arabs. What's you're point? I thought this conflict was about Palestinians, but apparently you just got something against Muslims in general. All your replies say Muslim Muslim Muslim. You're truly ignorant."


Where do you see Israelis yelling death to all Arabs?  

Yeah, because Palestinians are Muslims. Palestinians are not actually Palestinian. Very few of them actually have ties to the original Palestinians, the Jews. But since in Arabic the P doesn’t exist, they call themselves Phallistini, in terms of the Philistines…and they stopped existing before Islam. 

wizardcat333: "It's awesome to see people like you supporting Israel in times like these. תודה רבה!!! 💜"


My pleasure! <3

Anonymous: "People don't understand the refugee status of "palestinians". They are literally muslim arabs whose ancestors settled there after the muslim conquest. When ISrael was created they were free to continue living there but they refused to live in a land that was ruled by jews. Arab countries have the opportunity to grant asylum but they dont because they know it creates conflict and legitimises the "palestinian" claim to the land. Palestinians don't want peace, they want Jews gone."


Not to mention Arab countries really hate the Palestinians.

Anonymous: "Zionazi Adolf Hitler Reincarnated Parliamentarian Ayelet Shaked; 'They have to die and their houses should be demolished so that they cannot bear any more terrorists," Shaked said, adding, "They are all our enemies and their blood should be on our hands. This also applies to the mothers of the dead terrorists.'"


So? That’s one woman? I can show you hundreds of Muslims yelling Gas the Jews. 

Anonymous: "Real Jews don't support Zionism."


Oh, so real Jews support the destruction of the only Jewish nation in the world? Good to know…If that’s a real Jew, I’ll stick to being a Zionist.

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