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Lady Gaga for Harper’s Bazaar September 2014 

  • Person: I stand with Palestine! :)
  • What they really mean: I support a terrorist organization hiding behind a religion that wants to kill all Jews and anyone who will not convert to their religion.


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Cincinnati Stands With Israel - 27 July 2014


David Ben Gurion

Anonymous: "tokomon is a fucking hamas supporter look what he posted: tokomon(.)tumblr(.)com/post/93370868200/you-dirty-whore-hamas-supporter"


is not just fighting , it is fighting terror.


Mark Regev on CNN: “We have accepted humanitarian ceasefire after ceasefire, every time Hamas either rejects or violates them.”



Yarmouk was home to the largest Palestinian refugee community before the conflict began. 180,000 Palestinian civilians called it home. Now only 20,000 remain. Food and medical supplies are routinely denied entry, and starvation is one of the three main causes of death. Recently, in the Jarabulus area, 22 people were killed and thrown into the streets to instill fear in the population. Some of them were children.

Amnesty International has called for the immediate lifting of the siege, the cessation of shelling and other indiscriminate attacks, and for humanitarian agencies to have unfettered access to the area. The disproportional attacks on civilians must end.

Down with Israel? Not quite. Yarmouk and Jarabulus are in Syria.

This seems worth discussing.

At the very least, it’s interesting to see how little discussion the mass murder of Palestinians in Syria generates when compared to the discussion of Israel’s on-going operation in Gaza.

It’s easy to understand why it looks to many people like the real problem is with Israel rather than with the deaths of innocent Palestinians.

That last sentence.